"I've been a musician most all my life, but the business end of it has always been something of a blurry mystery. Tim Teichgraeber has helped me navigate through several complicated contracts and licensing deals with the utmost professionalism. In addition to expertly revising and tweaking things to my benefit, he has educated me along the way about the intricacies of music contracts. He has also given me that crucial element: peace of mind. I would enthusiastically recommend Tim to anyone in the music industry looking for legal services. He knows his stuff (and knows music better than some musicians I know!)."

Greg Reeves Cordovan, Dipstick

"In the two short years since our acquaintance I have recommended Tim many times, with total confidence and without any hesitation, over attorneys who boast twice his years and charge double his rates. In representing Ethic Recordings he proved himself to be their superior in terms of honesty, candor and knowlege - of both music and law."

David Reidy, Producer, Founder: Ethic Recordings

"Tim has a great talent for making me understand how things work, and is able to demystify contractual language for the lay person, helping artists like me make confident and informed business decisions. He has been an excellent ongoing source of advice and counsel."

Craig Finn, Lifter Puller

"Mr. Teichgraeber is a great writer and a great mind -- two essential qualities for a good lawyer. He is also forward-thinking and gives great advice for preventative action and writes progressive contracts that are in his clients' best interests. If you're with Tim, you're sitting pretty."

Chank, The Chank Company

"Tim is rad!"

Louis Posen, Hopeless Records